Dubbing foreign language films has always been our business.

In addition to sophisticated TV and movie productions, we have also branched out into dubbing cartoon productions, collaborating with business associates world-wide. As the growing international interest in animated films presented a new challenge, we have successfully built up a network of individual creative teams tailor-made for this type of production.

As cartoons frequently feature songs in foreign languages, it goes without saying that we are in regular contact with qualified and internationally acclaimed music producers to make sure the German soundtrack is as entertaining as the original.

Other services

  1. Post-production of voice-over features and documentaries
  2. Dubbing into American or British English, (Turkish, Polish or Russian on request)
  3. Revision, completion or re-recording of M&E tracks by our own foley artist
  4. Sound design for radio and TV commercials and jingles
  5. Sound design for computer games (CD-ROM)